Bliss by author and poet Debs Carling is an aid for spiritual awakening. This collection of poems simplifies the essence of oneness and explores the power found in the stillness of a quiet mind. It is written for anyone interested in the ease of connecting to his or her powerful, higher self.


To Seek

The Universe hears you,
Your questions get through
What you seek, seeks you too,
Quiet your mind and it will find you.

It will flow in quiet and curious,
A subtle feeling easy to dismiss,
Once connected though hard to miss,
As it will fill you with pure bliss.

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Bliss Two explores through the flow of poems the subtle hidden layers of the universe waiting to be discovered in the stillness of a quiet mind.


Also delve into nature as poet Debs Carling shares what can be learned from a fluffy white cloud, a sloth, and even a buzzing bee. Find simple truths in short poems like “Silence” in which Carling commands, “To master the space you are in, silence the place deep within.” This is more than a poetry book; it is a wonderfully insightful journey into the essence of oneness and mastery of inner peace.

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