Meet Debs

Debs Carling, Professional Speaker & Published Author
Debs Carling, Professional Speaker & Published Author

Meet Debs Carling

Debs Carling lives in a cottage on a 50 acre farm in the Dooralong Valley, NSW.

After many years as a commercial helicopter pilot she is now embracing a quieter life. Debs prefers instead to sit and write, flanked in the serene and quiet setting by horses, wild deer and kangaroos grazing happily in the green fields around her.

She fills notebook after notebook with poems and philosophical thoughts which she draws upon as content for her books and public speaking engagements.

Debs says: “So much comes to me when I sit pondering matters of the universe in my quiet farm setting. When I was a pilot flying long distances in remote Australia my creative mind was triggered, which has resulted in me now observing the world very differently. Everything in nature and the Universe is staggering to me now. Everything makes sense to me now that I have found stillness and peace.”


“What you seek,
seeks you too,
quiet your mind,
and it will find you.”

- Debs Carling

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I see life as a beautiful and amazing experience


“Calm your mind and close your eyes,
Leave the space that form occupies,
Feel your ability to effortlessly fly
And freely, joyfully fill the sky”

- Debs Carling

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